Choosing the Right Line Marking Machines for Your Project

Posted on: 7 September 2017


Whether it's a sports field or a long road, line marking is an important task that requires accurate results. While smaller machines are ideal for use on grass that you don't want to damage, you'll also want to call on larger equipment if you're working as a professional contractor. Understanding the difference between line marking machines can help you make a selection that best suits your needs.

A ride-on line marking system

When you're completing a large project and you want to assure accuracy, a ride-on line marking system allows you to achieve exactly that. From creating a parking lot that has perfect bay dimensions to marking streets, ride-on line markers make it possible to strive for perfection. If you need to spray two colours at the same time, Graco line marking machines make that possible too. Certain models allow for dual colour spraying, which means you can achieve the dimensions you need for important projects without having to sacrifice on colours. This is especially important when marking road lines, as different colours can indicate different parking restrictions.

Marking applicators for grass

From schools through to universities, many settings now feature sports fields that require accurate line marking in order to make their pitches play-worthy. Push marking applicators allow you to manually mark the grass, without causing damage to the areas around it. Unlike ride-on marking machines, they don't weigh too much, which is sometimes essential when you need to maintain the pitch's integrity. 

Thermoplastic machines

If you want results that'll last for years to come, you'll need a thermoplastic marker. While paint markers produce lasting results themselves, those that are thermoplastic provide sturdier results. Such results are essential when working on projects such as airfields and helicopter pads, as a reduction in the line's quality could otherwise lead to accidents. These markers are available in both ride-on and non-riding forms, which means you can achieve the same accuracy as when you're using a paint marker.

Truck-mounted machines

When it comes to large-scale projects, no solution is better than the classic truck-mounted machine. As the name suggests, these machines attach to the back of your truck, and they're effective at higher speeds than other models. As a result, you can achieve faster results as a professional line marking provider, without having to worry about making mistakes.

If you're still unsure as to which machine is right for you, ask a professional. With a little information about your business or project, they can find a solution that helps you get more for your money.